Draft Room FAQs Get answers to all your questions about the Drafty auction draft room experience.


Most questions about in-draft features can be answered by trying a mock draft. Have you done that? No? Well, you must prefer reading over drafting. Here's some answers to commonly asked questions.

Note that Drafty does offer custom draft rooms, so in most cases your wildest draft room dreams CAN come true. Just ask and we'll see.


    How do I set my league's keepers?

    You don't, or at least not directly. When configuring an advanced draft room, the draft host should de-select any keepers so that they are not eligible for auction.. Eventually, Drafty will support keepers, salaries, and contracts in the clubhouse archives and those keeper settings will save the commissioner a butt-load of hassle when they go to setup their annual draft room.

    Can I draft non-players?

    If you have a custom list of assets to draft - e.g. rookie picks, coaches, IDP, mascots, racehorses, countries represented in the Olympics, PGA golfers, anything else - a Drafty custom draft is for you. You'll be asked to provide a complete list of assets, and within 3 days you can knock yourself out with the custom auction draft of your dreams.

    Can I change the bid increments?

    Drafty operates with a +1 bid increments, so you can easily convert any crazy league budget and bidding style to the Drafty system.

    Just take a page out of the poker manual where a $15 buy-in yields you 1500 in chips, after your draft you can exercise those math muscles and convert the player prices according to your league's settings.

    • e.g. $15 budget w/ $0.05 bids = $300 budget w/ $1 bids
    • e.g. $50MM budget w/ $100K bids = $500 budget w/ $1 bids

    Can I change the minimum bid?

    Your Drafty auction draft can have any minimum bid that you please with a custom draft room. When a team nominates a player for auction, a roster spot will be reserved for that player and their budget deducted the value of the minimum bid. The roster spot and minimum bid value will be restored to the team when the player comes up for auction (and deducted again if said team ends up winning the auction).

    Starting in 2021, minimum bids will be available in advanced drafts.

    Does Drafty enforce full rosters?

    Yes, Drafty does enforce full rosters. I call this max bid capping and Drafty handles the calculation automatically based on each team's open roster spots * the minimum bid.

    For example, if the minimum bid is $5 and a team has 5 open roster spots with $37 budget remaining, their max bid is calculated to be $17 because they'll need at least $20 (after spending the $17) to buy the remaining 4 players to fill their roster.

    Max Bid = Budget Remaining - (Open Roster Spots x Minimum Bid)

    A more common example, if a team has 5 open roster spots, $50 in their budget, and a $1 minimum bid, their max bid would be $46. If they max bid $46 on the next player, they will have $4 remaining to fill their remaining 4 roster spots.

    How do I place a manual bid?

    You can't. Drafty doesn't let you make bad decisions like that, because you will end up overbidding.

    Instead of a manual bid amount, another Drafty-exclusive feature is the Autobid, where each team can set their max bid for a player auction, toggle ON the Autobid, recline and watch the action unfold. With autobid, instead of paying $40 by jacking up the price manually, you might win your guy for $34 because no one else is willing to go above $33. You're welcome.

    Update: The ability to enter a manual bid is now available in Custom Draft Rooms. Request a quote today if this is a feature you require!

    Can I pause the draft?

    The draft host sure can. Try a mock draft and see for yourself.

    Can I do round robin nominations like a traditional draft?

    Nope. Drafty operates with a nomination cooldown per team, so players can be nominated at any time, which saves between five and 30 seconds every auction, which makes your auction draft about 10 minutes shorter.

    If the nomination queue is empty, Drafty will pull the top player from the player rankings to be auctioned.

    Can I turn off the timer?

    No, but the draft host can pause the draft at any time. After every auction, if the league needs a chance to catch their breath. But that sounds awful.

    There's also the Drafty-exclusive More Time Plz button, which each team can use once per auction to add 10 seconds to the timer.

    Without pausing, any bid placed under 10 seconds will reset the timer to 10 seconds.

    If one team has two owners, can both owners bid on behalf of the team?

    No, Drafty authenticates each team for a single user. The 2nd owner can join the draft as a spectator, but they will not be able to interact with the auctions.

    Is the cost per draft or per participant?

    Drafty charges per draft room, not per participant. So the draft host (usually the commissioner) will be charged when they setup the room, but then all participants can join for free.

    How much does a custom draft room cost?

    A custom draft room is built to suit your needs, and priced accordingly. They start at $22.99 which is the cost of an advanced draft + one custom modification. Typically, each additional modification adds $10 to the cost. A request for a totally new feature will be priced based on an estimate of development hours. It never hurts to ask about a custom draft experience.