NBA Draft Challenge 1st Round of the NBA Draft

NBA Draft Challenge will open on June 1.

Create Your Mock Draft

Earn your reputation as a better draft analyst than the so-called "professionals". Create your mock draft for the 2022 NBA Draft and see how well you can guess what decisions the pro teams make on draft day. Suddenly I called it! has a lot more meaning when you can show the world that you did!

Your mock draft will be scored in real-time based on the actual results of the NBA Draft on 2022 July 29, and you will be featured on the Drafty homepage if you're among the best.

Share your progress on Draft Day with the hashtag #MyNBAMockDraft.

How Points Are Scored

There are 5 possible points scored per draft pick. You get a point when:

  1. You correctly mock a player to be drafted
    e.g. you mock De'Andre Swift to be drafted anywhere in Round 1 and he is
  2. You correctly mock a player's draft position
    e.g. you mock Joe Burrow to be drafted at 1.01 and he is (no matter what team takes him)
  3. You correctly mock the position a team will draft
    e.g. you mock the Bengals to draft a QB at 1.01 and they do (even if it's not the QB you predicted)
  4. You correctly mock the team that ultimately drafts a player
    e.g. you mock Tua Tagovailoa to the Dolphins at 1.03 and they actually draft him with a later pick
  5. You correctly mock a team's decision to trade a pick (or not)
    e.g. you mock that the Redskins will trade their 1.02 draft pick and they do

Terms & Eligibility

Only one mock draft entry is allowed per user to be eligible for contests. Any contest rewards are subject to verification of mock draft. All team names and logos are registered trademarks belonging to the NBA.

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