League Clubhouses Archive your league data

Give your fantasy league history a permanent home with a brand new Drafty feature called League Clubhouses.

Offseason Home For Your Fantasy League

No matter what site you use to host your fantasy league or how long you've been established, you can create a Drafty Clubhouse and have a permanent home for all your league history, trophies, record book, bold predictions, and more. Award trophies, compete in mini-games, and keep a log of record high scores (and low) from past and future years.

Standard Clubhouse

Renews annually. Limit 1 sport per league.

  • Live Online Draft Room
  • Trophy Case
  • Record Book
  • Historical Archive
  • Bold Predictions
  • So Many Mini-Games!

Keeper Clubhouse

The standard clubhouse plus keeper value tracking. Whether it's auction dollar values, player salaries or draft round tenders, your league's keeper details are all in one place.

Build A Clubhouse

Wayback Add-On

Add all your past season details to keep your full league history intact.

Beta Period

Clubhouses are currently in beta. Setup your clubhouse FOR FREE during this beta period! Features are actively being developed, so the feature list is subject to dev progress and may be inaccurate. Please provide feedback during your experience to help make this beta preview a success! Beta testers who provide constructive criticism of League Clubhouses may earn an extension on their clubhouse for future seasons.