Changelog Last Updated March 13, 2022

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2022 March 13

This changelog is no longer receiving regular updates (obviously). Drafty's player databases are updated 3-4 times per year, usually at the end of a league's season, once during the offseason, and a couple times in the preseason.

For example, the fantasy football player database gets updated just after the Super Bowl, again after the NFL Draft, and then a couple times in August as the season draws close and free agents get signed.

New features and release updates are announced on Twitter so follow @DraftySports to stay in the loop.

2020 August 26

  • Draft Room Manual updated

2020 May 4

  • UPDATE: NFL Player Database updated

2020 April 29

  • UPDATE: NFL Player Database updated to include 2020 NFL Rookie Class

2020 April 28

  • NEW: Draft Commissioner is now able to move a drafted player from one team to another

2020 April 27

  • NEW: Draft Commissioner is now able to undo the last completed auction

2020 April 23

  • NEW: NFL Mock Draft entries given real-time draft grades

2020 April 20

  • NEW: Manual Bid is now available as a feature for custom draft rooms

2020 April 14

  • NEW: Custom Draft Rooms are now available for fantasy leagues with uncommon draft settings
  • NEW: Minimum bids are now available as a feature for custom draft rooms
  • NEW: Non-player draftable assets are now available as a feature for custom draft rooms

2020 March 13

2020 March 10

2020 March 7

  • NEW: League Clubhouses now available! Give your fantasy league history a permanent home!

2020 March 4

  • UPDATE: MLB player database updated. Player rankings reset.

2019 August 22

  • UPDATE: Players added to NFL player database
  • UPDATE: Draft room Live Chat now flows top-to-bottom
  • FIXED: Autobid no longer auto disables itself

2019 August 21

  • FIXED: Kicker and Defense filters added

2019 August 13

  • UPDATE: Added Kickers to NFL player database
  • UPDATE: Added Defenses to NFL player database
  • UPDATE: Added help videos to Draft Configuration

2019 July 19

  • FIXED: Better mobile design on homepage
  • UPDATE: NBA player database updated for fantasy basketball 2019

2019 July 18

  • UPDATE: NHL player database updated for fantasy hockey 2019

2019 April 27

  • UPDATE: NFL player database updated with rookies from 2019 NFL Draft

2019 April 25

  • UPDATE: NFL player database updated with 1st round rookies

2019 February 12

  • UPDATE: Improved spam prevention on login portal
  • UPDATE: NFL player rankings reset

2018 June 29

  • UPDATE: Mock Drafts have been expanded for up to 10 live participants to draft the Top 100 players
  • UPDATE: Basic Drafts have been updated for easier setup
  • UPDATE: Advanced Drafts are now out of beta

2018 June 28

Draft Rooms

  • FIXED: Max Bid no longer mistakenly thinks a team with no players is always overbudget.
  • NEW: Chat messages now have a timestamp.
  • NEW: Undrafted Players can be filtered by position.
  • NEW: Sound effects have been added for various auction draft room actions and alerts.
  • NEW: Player portraits are now functioning in the auction draft room

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