Custom Draft Room For Your Fantasy Sports League Last Updated July 22, 2020

How many feature requests have you submitted to ESPN or Yahoo just to get the boilerplate email thanking you for your suggestion and assuring you that they review all user feedback with their development team? Let's face it, you probably don't even get that much from ESPN.

Brand new in 2020, I'm offering to customize your Drafty auction draft to satisfy your league's craving for tradition.

Custom Draft Rooms by Drafty

A perk of being a small business is that I am able to accommodate requests for special features on a case-by-case basis. Not every request is possible, but I respond to every email with a thorough explanation of what you can/can't have, what it'll cost, and why.

To request a custom draft room, look under the main menu dropdown Fantasy Drafts > Fantasy [Sport] > Auction Drafts and then scroll down to learn more about 1. Basic, 2. Advanced, and 3. Custom Drafts.

What's Available in a Custom Draft Room?

Here are some examples of special requests I've gotten for custom draft rooms:

  • Submit Custom Player List (even non-player assets)
  • Adjust Minimum Bid
  • Disable Max Bid Capping (so teams don't have to fill their rosters)
  • Manual Bids (with the Drafty-exclusive Overbid Shield)
  • Adjust Nomination Timer
  • Alternative Nomination Formats
  • End Auction Early (popular in fantasy baseball when drafting full 25-man MLB rosters)

The great part of offering custom draft room options is that next year, I'll be able to evaluate what features are most popular and build those into standard draft room tiers. Some unique requests won't make the cut, unfortunately, but they'll still be available as custom options next year.

Here are some examples of requests I've gotten that I can't support (yet):

  • Hybrid Drafts (half auction, half snake)
  • Poker-Style Bidding
  • Dynamic Opening Bids

12/12 Update: Co-owners are now supported, and several of the most popular custom requests are now available in standard draft rooms as add-ons. Just look for the Custom Options panel during draft room setup.

How Much Does A Custom Draft Room Cost?

This is the part we hate talking about, right? I love fantasy sports and I've devoted thousands of hours of my free time to building Drafty. There's no company behind Drafty, nor a team of developers - it is just me, the one-man show, and I refuse to install ads that will exploit users' private information.

I charge for the Drafty services I provide, and that way you know that I'm working to make them great and keep evolving with popular trends.

All that said, I try to be fair with pricing each custom feature that gets requested. On a case-by-case basis I estimate how much development time I think a feature will require and then I reduce the total cost estimate by about 75% and that's what I charge. Then I'll charge the next person that requests the same feature that same amount. By so doing, I'm able to offset the cost among several customers instead of charging one customer $100-200 for a couple of unique requests.

With this model, you pay more if you require more customization, versus if you only want a custom player pool it's the base rate.

The current base rate for a custom Drafty Auction Draft Room is 22.99 USD, and most individual custom features are +10. Head over to your favorite fantasy sport's draft lobby to request a quote for a custom draft room!

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