About Drafty

Drafty Sports was created in 2016 by me, Daniel Fowler, because I was sick of ESPN's long neglect of their fantasy sports product. Specifically, I found every mainstream fantasy sports website had a subpar auction draft experience, so I set out to built the internet's best auction draft experience.

Out of auction drafts came player rankings, and from player rankings the player pickem to power the player rankings. That turned out to be stupid fun and super addictive, so even if I'm the only one playing then that's fine by me.

Now I'm dedicating more time to Drafty than ever before, and adding a slew of new features to make Drafty a great offseason hub of activity for those fantasy leagues who stay engaged with each other year-round. There will be cross-sport pollenation with all sorts of mini-games.

Coming soon to Drafty within the next year:

There's loads more coming to Drafty, including some brand new draft formats, never seen before. Yeah, that's something keeping me awake at night because I'm so excited. Sign up today, join the community, and you'll be on the front lines to some of the most fun available in the offseason!

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