Drafty Dojo Membership

Join the Drafty Dojo

Get a leg up on draft day without cheating!

The Dojo is an annual membership that unlocks helpful in-draft content and bonus draft preparation tools. Dojo membership is $6.99 for 2024 and resets with the calendar year. Dojo membership does not renew automatically.

Dojo member perks include:

More Player Stats

See the active player's stats from the past 3 years so you can assess their production trend when it's most important: before you draft them!

Available in-draft for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL.

Team Depth Charts

See a depth chart for the active player so you never forget if they're injured or suspended, or if their team just signed a free agent.

Available in-draft for NFL, MLB, NBA.

Player Watch Count

See how many of your opponents are watching the same players as you. The watch count is updated in real-time as other teams add and remove players from their watch list.

Available in-draft.

Advanced UI Options

Toggle stat categories to hide the ones you don't care about and de-clutter your draft room.

Available in-draft.

Support Drafty as an Independent Platform

Your Dojo membership supports our efforts as an independent platform committed to creating a better draft room. Drafty is not owned by a fantasy sports conglomerate, it is entirely built and maintained by one guy with two small children at home. Thank you for your support! #SupportSmallBusiness

Auction Autodraft Assistant

Be ultra prepared for your upcoming auction draft by predefining your maximum bid for each player. If you're not logged-in and controlling your team come draft day, our Auction Autodraft Assistant will Auto Bid for you up to your predefined maximum bid, and will stop bidding once you've won the player or your maximum bid has been reached.

Define your max bid for each player by running mock drafts. Just enter a target bid for each player you're interested in, even if it's zero dollars, and autodraft assistant will remember it for draft day. Alternatively, you can enter your max bid for each player manually via the Autodraft Assistant Tool in My Locker.

Personalized player rankings

Unlock the ability to set your own player rankings via the Dojo Dashboard. Your rankings will be saved via the Auction Autodraft Assistant and used by the Autodraft AI in the event that you're absent from the draft room on draft day.

Opponent Draft Analytics (coming 2024)

Unlock analytics about your opponents' bidding habits.

This feature is expected for release in 2024..


How much does Dojo membership cost?

Dojo membership is $6.99 for 2024.

When does my Dojo membership expire?

Your Dojo membership will expire at 11:59 PM on December 31. Follow @DraftySports on social media and keep an eye out for a special renewal promo code each January.

How do I cancel my Dojo membership?

Membership does not auto-renew, so there's nothing you need to do to cancel your membership.

Will my opponents know that I'm in the Dojo?

No, your draft room opponents will not know your Dojo status. You get to enjoy the advantages in secret! Shhhhh. 🤫

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