Give Your Fantasy League An Offseason Headquarters

What's a Clubhouse? Glad you asked...

A Drafty Clubhouse is not a hosted fantasy league but it is a place where leaguemates gather. Here's a sample of some of the great (and FREE) features awaiting clubhouse members.

🎚️ Draft Room Presets

Define your draft settings and they'll save to your clubhouse so each year henceforth your setup is just click-click-draft.

🏆 Custom Virtual Trophies

Formalize your fantasy league's bragging rights. Create your own league trophies, assign point values, and award them to worthy leaguemates at your discretion.

💵 Keeper Price Tracking

Put keepers on teams to capture their value + contract notes. Keeper assignments will automatically import to team rosters in-draft, updating each team's budget along the way.

📝 Rule Change Polling

Tired of hounding your leaguemates to vote on changes to your league in the offseason? We'll hound them for you.

🔥 Hot Takes

Opinionated leaguemates now have an official place to post their bold predictions for appropriate bragging rights (or ridicule) when they come true (or fail horribly).

Join The Club

Beta Clubhouses are in Beta 2.0 and are free to use. Mock draft all you want for free, then open your official clubhouse draft room for just $59.95 (up to 16 teams) or $99.95 (up to 32 teams).

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