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  • 60% Less Downtime
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"My guys loved the draft room - we had a blast with it. We’re all looking forward to the next session!"
"I must say... this is an impressive site."
"The whole league enjoyed this very much and made my life a lot easier. Thank you"
Tyler in MN
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πŸŽ‰ All draft rooms support keepers
Autodraft is turned ON for mock drafts πŸ€–

New! Offseason Clubhouses For Fantasy Leagues That Stick Together

More competition.
More trophies.
More glory.

  • πŸ† Create Custom Trophies
  • πŸ’΅ Track Keeper Values
  • πŸ“š Record League History
  • πŸ“ Compete in Mini-Games

Never heard of Drafty?

Drafty is a small company striving to innovate fantasy drafts and improve the community in ways the big box brands cannot.

Our original auction draft room is faster and more exciting than the free draft rooms offered by the big box fantasy sites. Most people have never known a better draft day experience because there's never been an alternative until now.

Make draft day the best day of the year when you draft on Drafty!

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