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Featured Format Hybrid Auction Draft

Combine competitive bidding with the freedom of draft picks and tweak more than 35 options to create the perfect draft room for your custom fantasy draft.

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6 Draft Formats Find the best draft room for your fantasy league.

6 Draft Formats Find the best fit for your fantasy league.

Preview of the Silent Auction Draft room on a mobile device
Silent Auction Draft
Blind bids and the highest submitted bid wins
Preview of the Poker Auction Draft room on a mobile device
Poker Auction Draft
Turn-based bidding and the last to fold wins
Preview of the Live Auction Draft room on a mobile device
Live Auction Draft
Free-for-all bidding until time runs out
Preview of the Hybrid Auction Draft room on a mobile device
Hybrid Auction Draft
For each draft pick, bid to be on the clock
Preview of the Classic Snake Draft room on a mobile device
Classic Snake Draft
Draft order reverses each round
Preview of the Round Robin Draft room on a mobile device
Round Robin Draft
Draft order repeats each round

What Makes A Better Draft Room? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Being Oopsie Proof

Commish Gets Superpowers

  • Pause & Resume
  • Rewind Draft
  • Undo Last Auction
  • Facilitate Trades
  • Vacate Draft Picks

Less Downtime

Adjustable Timers In-Draft

  • Pause & Resume
  • Time Limit
  • Buffer Time Between Auctions
  • Timer Reset on Bid
  • Nomination Cooldown
  • More Time Plz
  • Fast-Forward

More Ways To Bid

Buttons To Mash

  • Min & Max Bid
  • Auto Bid
  • Flash Bid w/ Overbid Shield
  • Match Bid
  • Steal Bid via Mayhem Addon

More Commish Control

Editable Bidding Mechanisms

  • Max Bid Rule
  • Stewardship Rule
  • Dynamic Opening Bid
  • Tiebreaker Rules
  • Blind Bid Reveal

Custom User Requests

You Asked For It

  • Co-Owners Support
  • Depth Charts In-Draft
  • Upload Your Own Player List
  • Bid History
  • Celebratory Confetti

User Reviews From real fantasy league commissioners ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This is a lifesaver! COVID wrecked our in-person draft, but this may become our permanent solution."
"It is a really nice interface...nice and fast."
"Perfect for dynasty startups. Superb."
Doug in Minnesota
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