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Last updated: 2021 March 20

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Your Privacy and Data

Email Addresses

Users are required to register on Drafty with a working email address. Your email address is not used for marketing unless you give explicit permission. It is used to authenticate you when you try to join a draft or clubhouse, or when you create a game entry. If you ever forget your password, your email is how you'll reset it.

As of this writing, Drafty doesn't email users for any reason except password resets and direct replies to support requests. It is possible that in the future some features may utilize the email for practical purposes, like when your league commish opens a draft room, or if your league commish wants to invite you to join the league clubhouse.

On rare occasion, Drafty may email inactive users to make sure they want to keep their account open.

Third-Party Apps

Drafty does make use of some third-party applications, and so users should check these product websites for information related to each company's privacy policy.

User data is collected by these third-party apps:

Drafty does not buy or sell any data collected by its users. Drafty's revenue comes from selling games and services related to fantasy sports directly to our users. There are no ads or third-party partners to whom Drafty knowingly shares user data.

Terms of Service

By using this website, you accept Drafty's use of browser cookies to improve your user experience. Unlike most sites that track you around the Internet, Drafty's cookies are only used to pair your payment transactions with your user account.

Drafty's mission is to promote innovation through the use of technology, and to connect fantasy sports leaguemates to these innovations in a safe and secure environment. Some Drafty features invite freeform user comments (e.g. bold predictions, draft chatrooms, live chat), and in these spaces it is important to remember the human behind the computer screen. Be friendly and polite at all times, do not participate in any of the following: hate speech, racism, threats of physical harm, vulgar speech, bullying, or any other conduct that is considered improper and unprofessional.

Drafty moderators may remove any draft room or user without notice that is found to be violating these terms of service.

Refund Policy

Draft room refunds will not be issued except in the event of a technical malfunction that prevents a draft from being finished.

Mock draft rooms are available for free to try out the draft room and gain an understanding of how Drafty's mechanics work and identify league compatibility. Users may create as many mock draft rooms as needed before making a purchase decision.

The cost of individual premium options may be refunded if they malfunction but the draft is able to continue.

Refund requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. To request a refund, please contact support and provide your draft room ID along with an explanation of your circumstances.

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