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Last updated: 5/8/2020

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Email Addresses

Yes, an email address is required to create a Drafty account. It is only ever used to authenticate users who try to join a draft, clubhouse, or game. If you ever forget your password, your email is how you'll reset it.

As of this writing, Drafty doesn't email users for any reason except password resets and direct replies to support requests. It is possible that in the future some features may utilize the email for practical purposes, like when your league commish opens a draft room, or if your league commish wants to invite you to join the league clubhouse.

On rare occasions, Drafty may send email to a batch of users whose accounts are inactive and will imminently be terminated.

Third-Party Apps

Drafty does make use of some third-party applications, and so users should check these product websites for information related to each company's privacy policy.

User data is collected by these third-party apps:

Drafty does not buy or sell any data collected by its users. Drafty's revenue comes from selling games and services related to fantasy sports directly to our users. There are no ads or third-party partners to whom Drafty knowingly shares user data.

Refund Policy

Refund requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and issued in the event of a technical malfunction that prohibits the customer from completing their draft.

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