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  • 60% Less Downtime
  • Exclusive Draft Formats
  • More Commish Control
  • 100% Ad-Free, Always

What Drafters Say Quotes from ordinary users

"I think Drafty is on to something...They seem to have an innovative product. I hope it can continue to grow."
"This is a lifesaver! COVID wrecked our in-person draft, but this may become our permanent solution."
"I don't think there are too many websites that make an online draft possible for dynasty leagues like mine and with COVID going on, this has exceeded expectations."

Fantasy Football Draft Types

Grab Some Leaguemates And Try It Out

Go through a mock draft of Fantasy Football's Top 100 players. While a mock draft is a great preview of the Drafty draft room, it is not great for evaluating true player value.

A mock draft will familiarize you with some of Drafty's unique elements, like:

  • Bidding with Auto Bid instead of manual bids
  • Freeze Tag Nominations eliminates downtime between auctions
  • More Time Plz adds 10 seconds to the timer

Invite participants by sharing the draft room URL, or add AI computers to bid against you so that you can get a feel for the draft action without another human. The AI isn't very smart, and can't nominate players, but it's good enough to give you an idea of how bidding works.

  • No. of Teams Up To 32
  • Team Budget $200
  • Roster Size 10
  • Time Limit 30 sec
  • Draft Pool Top 100
Start Your Mock Draft

Best For A Trial Run Before Real Draft

Full Redraft

Set a universal budget and roster size for the league in the standard draft room. Full rosters are enforced by default and all players from the Drafty player rankings are draft-eligible.

  • Stupid simple setup gets your draft room open quickly
  • Newbie-friendly auction draft mechanisms
  • Self-join lets teams take a seat without any fuss

Invite participants by sharing the draft room URL. Once they create a free Drafty account, leaguemates will be prompted to enter a team name and join the draft.

  • No. of Teams Up To 32
  • Team Budget $0-9999
  • Roster Size 0-40
  • Time Limit 15-60 sec
  • Draft Pool All
Start Your Basic Draft

Best For Standard Redraft

Dynasty/Keeper Draft

Get the standard draft room with more control over team-specific settings! Handpick draft-eligible players from the Drafty player database or upload your own player list. Built for dynasty and keeper leagues, the advanced draft gives you needed flexibility.

  • Set a unique budget and roster size for each team
  • Handpick players to include in the draft pool
  • Assign co-owners to share control of a team

Invite participants by sharing the draft room URL. Once they create a free Drafty account and are in the draft room, they'll appear as a spectator and can be assigned to a team.

  • No. of Teams Up to 32
  • Team Budget $0-9999 adjustable per team
  • Roster Size 0-40 adjustable per team
  • Time Limit 15-60 sec
  • Draft Pool Adjustable
Start Your Advanced Draft

Best For Keepers & Dynasty Drafts

The Best Draft Rooms. Period. Loads of Exclusive Features

Auto Bid

Set a max bid and sit back while the Drafty A.I. does the bidding for you. Never accidentally overspend again!


Mock Drafts are A.I. Enabled so that you can try out the draft mechanics even when you're flying solo.

Cast To TV

Drafty draft rooms look great when cast to an HDTV to enhance your in-person draft experience.

Resume Later

Pause the draft at any time and pick it back up another day. It will be waiting right where you left off.


Drafty draft rooms are responsively designed for smartphones and tablets, so you can easily draft from the golf course.


Simply deselect keepers during setup to exclude them from your draft, or draft through your League Clubhouse to assign them to rosters.

Nominate Cooldown

Eliminate an hour of downtime from your draft with Drafty's intelligent cooldown nomination format, standard in all draft rooms.

More Time Plz

Tough bidding decision? The More Time Plz button adds 10 seconds to the auction timer, usable once per team per player auction.

Not Ready To Draft? Play Games & Check Rankings

Fantasy Football Quick Pick

We've created an addictive little mini-game to help you get through the offseason. Every pick you make influences Drafty's player rankings, so thanks for playing! Look for your high score on the leaderboard.

Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Drafty is the only site that invites the user community to influence player rankings. Drafty Player Rankings are updated in real-time, so they're always current and reflect the drafting preferences of real people like you.

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