12 and Co. 2020 Draft Results

  • League name: 12 and Co.
  • Sport: basketball
  • Draft format:
  • Tier: advanced
  • Season: 2020
  • No. of teams: 12
  • Roster: 3
  • Budget: $200

Draft Summary

Draft Board

Team Will
Team Richard
Team John
Team Claude
Team Bowen
Team Ward
Team William
Team Josh
Team Jack
Team Vann
Team Shelby
Team Andrew
Team Will PG PG 9 DET
Team Will PF PF 6 IND
Team Will PG PG 38 PHI
Team Richard PF PF 26 TOR
Team Richard SG SG 28 OKC
Team Richard SG SG 11 CLE
Team John PF PF 69 MIL
Team John SF SF 1 BOS
Team John PG PG 3 HOU
Team Claude PF PF 18 MIA
Team Claude SF SF 3 MEM
Team Claude C C 2 MEM
Team Bowen PF PF 43 BOS
Team Bowen PG PG 8 SAC
Team Ward C C 58 DEN
Team Ward SG SG 7 MIN
Team Ward SF SF 46 BKN
Team William SF SF 55 LAL
Team William SG SG 3 SAC
Team William PF PF 5 NY
Team Josh SG SG 3 IND
Team Josh SG SG 4 TOR
Team Josh SF SF 6 WSH
Team Jack PF PF 60 LAL
Team Jack C C 12 GS
Team Vann SG SG 16 UTAH
Team Vann PG PG 19 MEM
Team Vann SF SF 3 CHI
Team Shelby PF PF 3 DEN
Team Shelby PG PG 15 DEN
Team Shelby PG PG 10 CHA
Team Andrew PG PG 6 TOR
Team Andrew C C 4 POR
Team Andrew PG PG 4 ORL

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