You Are The Rankings Expert

Play Drafty's unique and highly addictive rapid fire pick'em to make the offseason pass faster. Choose between two players: Who Would You Draft? Your choices affect Player Rankings in real-time, so rankings reflect true community draft preferences. At Drafty, you are the rankings expert!

Who Will You Draft? In A League



This page will refresh every 25 votes so that you have the most current player rankings.

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    How It Works

    • When player rankings are reset, every player is considered equal.
    • As you play the pick'em, the players you choose trend positive.
    • Future pick'em pairs are based on players ranked near each other.
    • When you use the Neither button, both players trend negative.
    • If a player's rank score falls below zero, he will no longer show up in the pick'em.

    My Player Rankings

    Ever drafted an over-hyped player, only to regret it immediately? Use Drafty's rapid fire pick'em to build your personalized player rankings and escape that temptation.

    My Player Rankings

    The Best Auction Drafts

    I built Drafty after years of bad auction draft experiences on all the major platforms including ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, and Fleaflicker. Drafty drafts are the best live online auction drafts you'll find - these other sites are severely lacking, each in their own way.

    Autobid, Overbid Protection, an oh-so-popular More Time Plz button, Live Chat, and Celebratory Confetti as long as you're the high bidder!

    Draft results are saved for a year, but there's no A.I. for mocking (yet), so if you want to try it before the real thing, bring a couple friends and give it a go.