TCFFL-2020 2020 Draft Results

Draft Summary

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Haydock J
Haydock JT
Schwab D
Schwab K
Haydock J TE TE 34 SF
Haydock J RB RB 63 KC
Haydock J RB RB 23 IND
Haydock J WR WR 3 SEA
Haydock J RB RB 18 SF
Haydock J WR WR 3 NE
Haydock J QB QB 3 ATL
Haydock J QB QB 19 TB
Haydock J WR WR 3 DAL
Haydock J TE TE 1 DAL
Haydock J K K 2 DAL
Haydock J K K 2 TB
Haydock J DEF DEF 1 DAL
Haydock J DEF DEF 1 IND
Frye WR WR 56 NO
Frye WR WR 43 ARI
Frye RB RB 27 LAC
Frye WR WR 24 PIT
Frye RB RB 11 BAL
Frye RB RB 7 BUF
Frye TE TE 6 LAC
Frye RB RB 2 CLE
Frye TE TE 2 CLE
Frye QB QB 2 CLE
Frye K K 2 GB
Frye K K 1 PIT
Haydock JT RB RB 65 MIN
Haydock JT WR WR 19 CLE
Haydock JT TE TE 19 BAL
Haydock JT WR WR 10 TEN
Haydock JT WR WR 5 DEN
Haydock JT RB RB 8 DET
Haydock JT RB RB 19 NYJ
Haydock JT TE TE 3 NO
Haydock JT QB QB 3 DET
Haydock JT K K 9 KC
Haydock JT K K 1 SEA
Haydock JT QB QB 6 FA
Haydock JT DEF DEF 4 PIT
Haydock JT DEF DEF 2 NE
Hodge RB RB 73 DAL
Hodge TE TE 39 KC
Hodge WR WR 23 DAL
Hodge TE TE 7 PHI
Hodge WR WR 3 SEA
Hodge WR WR 4 CIN
Hodge RB RB 2 CHI
Hodge RB RB 14 PIT
Hodge QB QB 15 NO
Hodge RB RB 1 BAL
Hodge K K 5 NO
Hodge K K 1 DET
Hodge DEF DEF 3 SF
Hodge DEF DEF 1 TB
Love RB RB 77 NO
Love WR WR 39 TB
Love WR WR 1 LAC
Love QB QB 70 DAL
Love WR WR 1 DAL
Love RB RB 1 NE
Love WR WR 2 BAL
Love TE TE 1 MIA
Love QB QB 1 SF
Love TE TE 1 TB
Love K K 1 CAR
Love K K 1 ATL
Roberts RB RB 62 TEN
Roberts WR WR 65 KC
Roberts WR WR 16 CAR
Roberts RB RB 16 JAX
Roberts WR WR 1 MIA
Roberts WR WR 10 LAR
Roberts RB RB 1 DET
Roberts TE TE 1 DEN
Roberts TE TE 1 PHI
Roberts QB QB 7 CIN
Roberts K K 3 PHI
Roberts K K 1 DAL
Roberts DEF DEF 1 JAX
Roberts DEF DEF 1 WAS
Smith RB RB 74 NYG
Smith WR WR 14 MIN
Smith WR WR 6 LAR
Smith RB RB 27 SEA
Smith WR WR 6 ATL
Smith TE TE 5 LV
Smith WR WR 4 BUF
Smith QB QB 8 BUF
Smith TE TE 7 NYG
Smith QB QB 10 GB
Smith K K 5 SF
Smith K K 1 LAC
Wangenheim RB RB 39 CIN
Wangenheim RB RB 52 CLE
Wangenheim RB RB 47 LV
Wangenheim WR WR 41 DET
Wangenheim WR WR 1 JAX
Wangenheim WR WR 1 WAS
Wangenheim RB RB 1 TB
Wangenheim QB QB 1 PIT
Wangenheim TE TE 1 IND
Wangenheim TE TE 2 PIT
Wangenheim K K 8 BAL
Wangenheim K K 1 HOU
Wangenheim DEF DEF 1 KC
Wangenheim DEF DEF 1 DEN
Schwab D WR WR 43 GB
Schwab D WR WR 44 ATL
Schwab D RB RB 53 ARI
Schwab D WR WR 4 CHI
Schwab D RB RB 8 DEN
Schwab D WR WR 5 IND
Schwab D TE TE 3 LAR
Schwab D RB RB 3 MIA
Schwab D QB QB 26 PHI
Schwab D QB QB 3 NYG
Schwab D TE TE 2 ATL
Schwab D K K 2 ARI
Schwab D K K 1 IND
Schwab D DEF DEF 1 BUF
Schwab D DEF DEF 2 NO
Schwab K WR WR 35 TB
Schwab K RB RB 22 ATL
Schwab K QB QB 48 HOU
Schwab K WR WR 1 SF
Schwab K RB RB 2 LAR
Schwab K TE TE 13 TB
Schwab K WR WR 1 HOU
Schwab K QB QB 1 TEN
Schwab K TE TE 1 DET
Schwab K RB RB 1 BUF
Schwab K K K 3 MIN
Schwab K K K 1 DEN
Schwab K DEF DEF 3 MIN
Schwab K DEF DEF 2 CLE

About The Draft

  • League name: TCFFL-2020
  • Sport: football
  • Draft format:
  • Tier: advanced
  • Season: 2020
  • No. of teams: 10
  • Roster: 14
  • Budget: $176
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