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Daves Dawgs
Superb Owls
Sea Chickens
Been Robbed
Coops Troops
Walking Dez
Get Sum
Big Slick
Daves Dawgs RB RB 39 GB
Daves Dawgs WR WR 20 CLE
Daves Dawgs RB RB 4 FA
Daves Dawgs WR WR 9 SEA
Daves Dawgs WR WR 3 CIN
Daves Dawgs WR WR 8 BUF
Daves Dawgs TE TE 4 LAR
Daves Dawgs RB RB 1 MIA
Daves Dawgs QB QB 1 PHI
Daves Dawgs RB RB 1 HOU
Daves Dawgs RB RB 1 GB
Daves Dawgs K K 3 DAL
Daves Dawgs DEF DEF 5 CHI
Superb Owls WR WR 37 NO
Superb Owls RB RB 29 LV
Superb Owls WR WR 11 DET
Superb Owls QB QB 14 ARI
Superb Owls TE TE 1 NYG
Superb Owls RB RB 1 FA
Superb Owls RB RB 1 DET
Superb Owls K K 1 TB
Superb Owls DEF DEF 1 TEN
Sea Chickens WR WR 29 TB
Sea Chickens RB RB 24 ATL
Sea Chickens WR WR 6 SEA
Sea Chickens WR WR 10 LAR
Sea Chickens WR WR 5 IND
Sea Chickens RB RB 3 NE
Sea Chickens TE TE 2 TB
Sea Chickens WR WR 3 HOU
Sea Chickens WR WR 3 DET
Sea Chickens WR WR 3 HOU
Sea Chickens RB RB 1 DEN
Sea Chickens QB QB 2 LAR
Sea Chickens DEF DEF 3 BAL
Been Robbed RB RB 21 LAC
Been Robbed TE TE 12 BAL
Been Robbed WR WR 5 DEN
Been Robbed RB RB 18 SF
Been Robbed QB QB 13 BUF
Been Robbed WR WR 1 NE
Been Robbed QB QB 16 NO
Been Robbed WR WR 2 ARI
Been Robbed RB RB 1 TB
Been Robbed TE TE 1 CLE
Been Robbed K K 1 LAC
Been Robbed DEF DEF 4 NE
Been Robbed DEF DEF 5 MIN
Brave-Falcons RB RB 43 CLE
Brave-Falcons WR WR 31 ARI
Brave-Falcons WR WR 2 ATL
Brave-Falcons RB RB 3 HOU
Brave-Falcons RB RB 4 NYJ
Brave-Falcons QB QB 7 ATL
Brave-Falcons QB QB 2 DET
Brave-Falcons WR WR 1 PIT
Brave-Falcons TE TE 1 ATL
Brave-Falcons TE TE 1 DAL
Brave-Falcons RB RB 1 WAS
Brave-Falcons K K 2 ARI
Brave-Falcons DEF DEF 2 BUF
Coops Troops WR WR 11 MIN
Coops Troops WR WR 19 LAR
Coops Troops TE TE 6 LV
Coops Troops RB RB 3 DET
Coops Troops WR WR 3 SF
Coops Troops RB RB 9 LAR
Coops Troops WR WR 4 BAL
Coops Troops QB QB 10 GB
Coops Troops RB RB 5 CLE
Coops Troops RB RB 9 NO
Coops Troops QB QB 5 CIN
Coops Troops K K 8 BAL
Coops Troops DEF DEF 3 PIT
Walking Dez WR WR 38 KC
Walking Dez RB RB 26 CIN
Walking Dez WR WR 15 CAR
Walking Dez RB RB 1 IND
Walking Dez RB RB 1 MIA
Walking Dez QB QB 1 TEN
Walking Dez TE TE 1 PHI
Walking Dez TE TE 1 TEN
Walking Dez QB QB 1 MIN
Walking Dez K K 4 NO
Walking Dez K K 1 HOU
Walking Dez DEF DEF 9 SF
Walking Dez DEF DEF 1 DEN
DoubleD WR WR 7 CHI
DoubleD RB RB 20 IND
DoubleD TE TE 13 PHI
DoubleD RB RB 4 DEN
DoubleD WR WR 10 JAC
DoubleD WR WR 4 DEN
DoubleD RB RB 7 BAL
DoubleD WR WR 12 DAL
DoubleD TE TE 2 DEN
DoubleD QB QB 1 NYG
DoubleD WR WR 3 IND
DoubleD K K 1 DET
Get Sum RB RB 33 ARI
Get Sum RB RB 33 KC
Get Sum WR WR 5 TEN
Get Sum WR WR 14 PIT
Get Sum WR WR 2 MIA
Get Sum WR WR 1 WAS
Get Sum RB RB 2 BUF
Get Sum WR WR 1 CIN
Get Sum QB QB 5 PIT
Get Sum WR WR 1 LV
Get Sum RB RB 1 MIN
Get Sum K K 1 GB
Get Sum DEF DEF 1 NO
Big Slick TE TE 22 SF
Big Slick RB RB 16 SEA
Big Slick RB RB 10 BAL
Big Slick QB QB 14 SEA
Big Slick RB RB 1 CHI
Big Slick RB RB 21 PIT
Big Slick TE TE 2 LAC
Big Slick WR WR 5 DAL
Big Slick WR WR 1 LAC
Big Slick WR WR 2 NO
Big Slick WR WR 2 HOU
Big Slick K K 2 SF
Big Slick DEF DEF 2 KC

About The Draft

  • League name: twt
  • Sport: football
  • Draft format:
  • Tier: advanced
  • Season: 2020
  • No. of teams: 10
  • Roster: 13
  • Budget: $100
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