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I'm Daniel, the founder, CEO, president, developer, designer, customer service rep, social media manager, and user experience expert at Drafty Sports. I made Drafty out of a desire to provide a better auction draft room experience than what currently exists on other mainstream fantasy sports league websites.

Aligning with that mission is a secondary goal to make auction drafts more approachable for first-timers who are new to auction drafting and who may be afraid to take the plunge in a new league (or to transition an existing league) because they've simply never done it before.

So our draft rooms function a little bit differently from how the mainstream sites operate, and we believe it's an improvement over alternative draft hosts.

The following is a guide to educate you about the draft formats available on Drafty. There's a TLDR at the bottom if you're in a hurry. You can also read up on Drafty's player nomination formats.

Auction Draft Format

The classic Auction draft format whereby participants compete in a free-for-all bidding war to win players to their roster. The high bid wins the player, and each participating team is assigned a budget to limit their spending.

Drafty functions with a $1 bid increment and doesn't allow manual bids by default (though it's available as an add-on). Instead, Drafty features an auto bid mechanism whereby a participant can enter their target/max bid for a player and auto bid will keep outbidding the competition until the auction is won or the bid exceeds the defined target. It's pretty nifty and great for newbies who are auction drafting for the first time to protect them from overspending.

A time limit on each auction ensures that teams don't take all day to make their bidding decisions. A team can add a few seconds to the timer once per player auction using More Time Plz, in case they're facing a really difficult choice to keep bidding. The More Time Plz button appears when the timer gets low.

Participants can only bid as much as their budget allows, and Drafty's max bid capping features ensures that a team's max bid keeps enough budget in reserve to fill their roster.

Many of the standard draft room's core elements can be modified or disabled in the Custom Options panel during draft setup.

Blind Bid / Silent Auction Draft Format

The Silent Auction draft format (called "blind bid" by some folks) lets participants enter a secret bid and submit it privately. All bids are publicized at the same time and the high bidder wins the player.

By default, Drafty enables a Stewardship Rule whereby the high bidder only pays $1 more for the player than what the second highest bidder submitted. This newbie-friendly option can be disabled in the Custom Options panel during draft setup.

In the event of a tie, the player auction will reset and run again. Note this is NOT a tiebreaker among the high bidders, but a rerun of the entire player auction. All teams have a chance to adjust their bid and win the player during a rerun. If back-to-back ties occur, the current player auction is skipped and the player goes back into the Undrafted Player Pool, eligible for nomination at a later time.

If all participants lock in a bid before the time limit expires, the timer jumps ahead to help speed things along, making this draft format one of the fastest available!

Many of the standard draft room's core elements can be modified or disabled in the Custom Options panel during draft setup.

Poker Auction Draft Format

Coming soon!

Round Robin Draft Format

Coming soon!

Snake Draft Format

Coming soon!

Hybrid Draft Format

Coming soon!

Summary / TL;DR

I hope you found this draft format guide useful! Here is a summary of the main nuances:

  • The Auction Draft Format pits participants against each other in a free-for-all bidding war. The team willing to bid the most, wins.
  • The Silent Auction Draft Format lets participants enter a secret bid, then reveals all bids at the same time and the highest bid wins.
  • The Poker Auction Draft Format is coming soon and will offer turn-based bidding just like high stakes poker.
  • The Round Robin Draft Format is coming soon and will let participants take turns choosing a player to add to their roster.
  • The Snake Draft Format is coming soon and will let participants take turns adding a player, and the turn sequence is reversed each round.
  • The Hybrid Draft Format is coming soon and will support a combination draft that is part auction and part turn sequence.

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