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Having 100% participation on draft day is already challenging for a fantasy league of adults because everyone has their own life calendar and heavy conflicts. Autodrafting in an auction draft has always been a nightmare, and for the unlucky team owner that can't make it to the draft, it's a challenge they will be fighting to overcome all season long.

The Auction Autodraft Assistant is a tool that helps team owners who might miss the draft to preset player values in an effort to improve the performance of the autodraft AI. To access the tool in My Locker, a team owner must be a member of the Drafty Dojo.

How it Works

Within the Autodraft Assistant Tool, a user simply select a sports league and start assigning values to the players listed. The AAV is shown as a starting place and the user needs only adjust that value to save the preset in their autodraft preferences.

Alternatively, a Dojo member can fire up a mock draft and simply enter a target bid for players that come up for auction. When eaech auction ends, the Autodraft AI will save the target bid as an assigned value in the Autodraft Assistant.

Once the draft room is opened, a team owner who expects to be absent can login and toggle Autodraft ON in the Draft Settings panel. If plans change and the owner is able to attend the draft, they can toggle Autodraft OFF at any time when they re-join the draft room.

By default, Autodraft is disabled except in mock drafts so it is important to remember the step of enabling this feature in the Draft Settings panel.

When each player auction begins, the Autodraft AI will check each absent owner's settings to see if:

  1. Autodraft is enabled
  2. Dojo membership is active
  3. The active player has an assigned value in the Autodraft Assistant

When all 3 of these things are true, Autodraft AI will automatically bid +1 up to the defined value on behalf of the absent team owner. This is exactly the same as if the owner entered a target bid and used the Auto Bid button to participate in the bidding.

If the active player has not been assigned a value in the Autodraft Assistant but autodraft is turned ON, Autodraft AI will bid on its own free.


  • The Autodraft Assistant will only work with Drafty built-in player lists. If your league is using a custom player list, the Autodraft Assistant will not be able to help you.
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