Upload A Custom Player List

The Drafty platform supports uploading your own list of draftable assets. The process is simple and this article will tell you how.

Here are examples of some of the custom draft pools uploaded to Drafty:

  • Olympic athletes
  • Award show nominees
  • Video game streamers
  • Pokemon
  • Season ticket game dates

With your own player list, you can draft anything on Drafty!

CSV File Format

Your custom asset list must be in a CSV format which is a universal spreadsheet file format. You can export to a CSV from any spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers) and using "save as" from many text editors (e.g. Notepad, VSCode).

Three Required Columns

Your spreadsheet must include three columns with the following headers (case-insensitive) in row 1 of your spreadsheet:

  1. Name
  2. Pos
  3. Team

These required columns have the following character limits:

  1. Name (max. 36 characters)
  2. Pos (max. 12 characters)
  3. Team (max. 24 characters)

Download CSV Template

Feel free to use the Pos and Team columns for your own arbitrary notations if you're not drafting a list of players in a real sports league. For example, you might use the release year and director's last name for a movies draft, the universe and franchise for a superheroes draft, or the attack type and generation for a Pokemon draft.

If you wish to make a player eligible for multiple positions, separate the position labels with a forward slash "/" and no spaces (e.g. "PF/C" is correct; "PF,C" or "PF+C" is not). This will ensure the appropriate position filters are visible in your draft room.

BONUS: Position Colors & Team Branding

To enable team logos inside the draft room, use supported team names in your uploaded CSV file. Check the team branding index for a list of supported team names and abbreviations.

Similarly, each draft room will colorize position boxes when the label matches a supported value. Check the position label index for a list of supported position labels.

Optional Profile Data & Portraits

Additional columns are optional.

  1. Portrait - Include URLs to cloud-hosted image files that will show up as a portrait for each player. Make sure the URL you use is an image URL (it should end in .jpg, .png, .gif, etc.) which you can typically grab from a website by right-clicking the image and selecting "Copy Image Address" (actual menu option varies by browser).
  2. All Other Columns - Include as many additional columns as you want, and they will be treated as profile data and displayed for the active player in the draft room.

Preview Imported Assets

During your draft room setup (or in the draft presets of your Drafty clubhouse) under Player Settings, select Custom and then upload your CSV by drag-and-dropping into the designated box, or click the box to search your computer for the file.

Once your file is uploaded, a list will appear that contains all the assets/players detected in your spreadsheet. Review this list to ensure that all names, positions, team affiliations, and portrait thumbnails show up how you expect them.

Edit your file and re-upload as needed before creating your draft room.

In-Draft Edits

Inside the draft room, you cannot remove assets from the draft pool, so make sure you accurately prune your list before opening your draft room. You can add players to the asset pool using the "add player" button at the top of your Undrafted Players list. A player added in-draft will not have a portrait or any profile data.

Create a clubhouse and upload your custom list in your Draft Presets to iterate mock drafts more easily. In a clubhouse draft room you're able to re-import your player list from the clubhouse as needed using the Commish Toolbox.


If you have any questions, please contact support and include a link to the page where you're having trouble.

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