Drafty Dojo Membership Last Updated March 31, 2023

Join the Drafty Dojo

Join the Drafty Dojo and get a leg up on draft day without cheating! Dojo membership unlocks:

Auction Autodraft Assistant (coming soon){#auction-autodraft-assistant}

TBD description

In-draft player stats (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL){#player-stats}

TBD description

In-draft team depth charts (NFL){#depth-charts}

TBD description

Support Drafty as an independent platform{#independent-platform}

TBD description

Advanced UI options in-draft (coming soon){#advanced-ui-options}

TBD description

Behind-the-scenes draft analytics (coming soon){#draft-analytics}

TBD description

Personalized player rankings (coming soon){#personalized-rankings}

TBD description

Access to private Discord channels{#discord-channels}

TBD description

Pass the Offseason Blues

Quick Pick

Your quick decisions influence Drafty's player rankings in real-time with this fast-paced, rapid-fire pick'em game.

Player Rankings

Drafty player rankings reflect the authentic preferences of real fantasy drafters, because they're powered by our public Quick Pick mini-game.

Mock Drafts

Drafty auction drafts are one-of-a-kind with Auto Bid, custom options, celebratory confetti, and 60% less downtime.

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