Classic Straight & Snake Draft Overview

Format Summary

Unless this is your first year playing fantasy sports, you're probably familiar with how turn-based draft formats work. Each team takes turns choosing a player to add to their roster; it's simple and that's why it's popular.

The Drafty platform supports straight drafts, which we call the Round Robin Draft format, and the Classic Snake Draft format. The only difference is turn sequence: in a straight draft the draft order repeats itself every round and in a snake format it reverses each round.

Being the most customizable draft platform on the planet, Drafty engineers have invented mechanisms that add versatility to even very simple snake drafts.

The commissioner can pause the draft anytime for a quick potty break or finish it on another day as needed. They can also change the time limit mid-draft or fast-forward the action if things get slaggard.

The commissioner can rewind the draft if there's any oopsies that need to be fixed, and vacate or reassign draft picks in order to facilitate trades or penalties.

You can even upload your own player list, making it possible to draft literally anything. For example: player copies, minor league prospects, Olympic sprinters, Pokemon, superheroes, Oscar nominees, baby due dates... if you need to draft something, you can use Drafty.

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When you finish your draft, enjoy your saved draft results with sortable filters and export them to a CSV spreadsheet as needed.

A typical 12-team redraft league with 15 players on each team can expect a Classic Snake or Round Robin Draft to last about 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours; actual draft times will vary.

Our mission at Drafty is to innovate online draft rooms and make draft day the best day of the year.

If you have any questions just leave a comment or you can open a Mock Draft to give it a go. For tech support, please use the help panel in-draft for fastest response time.


Common questions about this format will be posted here so don't hesitate to ask!

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