Hybrid Auction Draft Overview

Format Summary

In a Hybrid Auction Draft, each draft pick is divided into two phases: a bidding phase and a picking phase.

The bidding phase functions like a classic live auction with teams battling to claim the winning bid. When time expires the high bidder immediately enters the picking phase. They are put on the clock to select a player from the draft pool of eligible assets.

There is no draft order to follow and no player nominations. This draft format is all about finding the right deal at the right time to acquire the players you most desire.

Bidding Controls

As in most auction drafts, teams are given several buttons they can strategically employ to participate in bidding.

Some of these buttons are exclusive to Drafty, so practicing in a mock draft is highly recommended to gain familiarity.

The Min Bid button will increase the current bid by the minimum bid increment. The default bid increment is 1 and can be changed by the commissioner in the Draft Settings.

Auto Bid enables a bidding AI that monitors the current bid and places a new Min Bid on your behalf as needed to keep you in place as the high bidder. Once the bid exceeds your Target Bid, auto bid will disengage itself.

The Flash Bid button is how you can manually place a bigger bid equal to what you've entered as your target bid. If a draft participant increases the current bid by more than a few value points, a shield appears to protect you from accidentally clicking on any bid button immediately following a sudden price jump.

Every bid is verified against eligibility rules to ensure it is valid.


The bidding timer ensures that each bidding phase must eventually end. Any new bid that comes in under 10 seconds will reset the bidding timer back to 10 seconds.

The draft pick timer appears for each picking phase and counts down the time the active team has to make their selection.

As the most customizable draft platform on the planet, most settings can be adjusted to accommodate your league traditions and preferences. The commissioner can change bidding rules, various timers, and many other options in the Draft Settings panel.

Wrap Up

A typical 12-team redraft league with 15 players on each team can expect a Hybrid Auction Draft to last about 3 and a half to 5 hours. Actual draft times will vary.

Our mission at Drafty is to innovate online draft rooms and make draft day the best day of the year.

If you have any questions just drop a comment or open a mock draft to try a draft room for yourself. Need tech support? Use the help panel inside your draft room for fastest response time.


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