Draft Room Troubleshooting


These issues have been reported by some users, and the recommended action is provided. Issues with an "Alert" prefix are designed alerts that occur in the draft room when certain conditions are met.

If you haven't already, you should also familiarize yourself with the Draft Manual and Draft Room FAQs.


    The turn sequence in my draft seems random

    It is important to make sure your draft order is correct before starting your draft. The draft host can use the Commish Toolbox to reorder teams, and if the current turn is on a team that gets moved, you may encounter an issue with your subsequent turn progression. Even if your draft room is in a predraft state, moving the active team (for nominating, bidding, or picking) will create a problem. To self-fix if your draft order wasn't correct during setup, you may need to rename teams (and then re-assign their owners) instead of moving teams up/down in the turn order.

    My draft room keeps reloading

    In some rare instances, some users have reported that their draft room constantly reloads and won't stop. The most likely cause is having the draft room open in multiple browser tabs. Try closing your browser completely and then open the draft room in a new tab. Everyone in the draft room may need to close it out and re-join.

    No one but the commish can place bids or nominate players

    It sounds like your commish needs to visit the Commish Toolbox > Team Assignments and assign folks to their teams!

    A team joined my draft but they don't show up

    Each draft participant must create a Drafty account if they don't already have one. Then when they get into the draft room, the commish can go to Commish Toolbox > Team Assignments and give them control of a team.

    My draft room never stops loading

    If your draft room continues loading  for more than 10 seconds, most likely your browser session needs to re-authenticate. Simply refresh the page and your draft room should load like normal. This happens most frequently when joining a draft room for the first time with a direct link.

    If a simple refresh does not work, try a hard refresh by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+R (Cmd+SHIFT+R on Mac). This is a little Internet trick to reset your browser's cache for any website you're actively viewing.

    If a hard refresh does not resolve the perpetual loading, there may be a known issue with your draft's metadata. Please contact support with a link to your draft room.

    My draft finished but draft results return a 404

    Never fear - your draft results are intact! Please contact support with your draft room ID so that we can assist you.

    I can't join a draft

    In some rare cases, the inability to join a draft is caused by having an apostrophe in your name or team name in your user profile. As silly as this may seem, it is very fixable. Go to My Locker > Edit My Profile and remove any apostrophes, and try to join your draft room again.

    I can't place a bid

    Some draft rooms have come to a grinding halt when a team name contains a special character, such as a hashtag # or stylized "curly apostrophe" (the latter usually occurs when copy and pasting from another website or program like ESPN or Microsoft Word).

    ’ - this apostrophe is bad
    ' - this apostrophe is good

    To resolve, have the commish go into the Commish Toolbox > Team Settings and remove any special characters from team names. All teams should refresh their browser (CTRL+R on PC or Cmd+R on Mac) to reset the UI.

    If the team with a special character is currently the high bidder, let the timer run out on the current auction then use the commish power to Undo Last Auction.


    Loading Draft Room

    Draft room has a new version. Refresh the page to prevent errors during the draft.

    Seen when the system identifies that an update has been made to your draft room automatically in the background.

    You have not been assigned to a team.

    Seen when a user loads the draft room but hasn't been assigned to a team. Commish can drag-and-drop a spectator to the team summary box to assign/re-assign them as needed.

    Sorry, this draft is full.

    Seen when joining a mock or basic draft that has reached its max capacity for participants.

    There is a problem with your player list. Please contact support via live chat.

    Seen when there's been an issue loading your player list. Causes may vary and support will be able to fix it for you.


    This draft is currently paused. Try to be patient.

    You can't place a bid when the draft is paused.

    Your roster is full.

    You tried to place a bid but your roster is full, so your bid attempt failed.

    You can't afford the current bid.

    You can't place a bid if you don't have enough budget.

    The bidding starts at $[0-9].

    Somehow you managed to try and open bidding below the minimum bid (extremely rare).

    Chillax, you're still the high bidder.

    You tried to bid but you're already the high bidder, so there's no need to bid again.

    You are the high bidder... for now.

    Confirmation that your bid was placed successfully.

    Using Auto Bid

    You must enter a Target Bid.

    You tried to turn on Auto Bid, but you didn't provide a target bid first.

    Your budget is insufficient for that bid.

    You don't have the budget to cover the target bid you've entered.

    Current bid is more than your Target Bid.

    Your target bid must always be higher than the current bid (which may have gone up since you set your target bid).

    Plz enter a target bid. Auto Bid disabled.

    If your target bid is cleared while Auto Bid is turned on, Auto Bid will be turned off automatically.

    Your target bid exceeds your available budget.

    If Auto Bid is on and something happens that causes your budget to fall (like if commish manually adjusts your team settings), Auto Bid will be turned off automatically.

    The current bid exceeds your target bid.

    You tried to turn on Auto Bid, but your target bid must be higher than the current draft.

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