Draft Room FAQs


These FAQs provide answers to questions not covered in the Draft Manual. Start there if you haven't read the manual already.

Many questions about draft mechanics can be answered by trying a mock draft. Have you done that? No? Well then, you're about to do a lot of book learning when what you might need is some practical education. But here we go...


    How do I draft a player in a snake or straight draft?

    Tap a player (or place your cursor over them) in the Undrafted Pool to reveal the player menu. Tap the "Draft" or "Draft Next" button to make them your active player atop your Watch List. On your turn, press the "Confirm Pick" button to finalize your selection. If time runs out, the active player (at the top of your Watch List) will be drafted automatically.

    How do I nominate a player in an auction draft?

    Tap a player (or place your cursor over them) in the Undrafted Pool to reveal the player menu. Set your opening bid and tap the "Nom" button to nominate them. You will only see the "Nom" button as long as you are not on cooldown (in the Freeze Tag format) or if it's your turn to nominate (in turn-based formats).

    How do I undo a player nomination in an auction draft?

    It depends on your chosen player nomination format.

    • In the Freeze Tag format, the owner who nominated the player can mouse over or touch the player in the queue and press the Undo button. They'll be able to nominate again instantly.
    • In the Czar format, the commish can mouse over or touch the player in the queue and press the Undo button.
    • In the Snake/Round Robin/Winner Picks Next formats, there is no nomination queue because each nominee hits the auction block immediately. So in these formats, commish can let the auction finish, pause the draft, then use Toolbox > Undo Last Auction to move the player back into the Undrafted list.

    How do I assign keepers to a team?

    First, you need to create a clubhouse.

    With a clubhouse, commish can configure teams and assign keepers and then use the clubhouse draft room, which will automatically move keepers to their assigned team. This is the only way to include keepers in your draft room and results.

    Can my draft have multiple commissioners?

    No, this is not supported. If your league has divided commissioner responsibilities, for the purpose of your draft only one commish can be assigned as the draft host and they should be the one to setup the draft room and/or clubhouse.

    Can I configure a team with co-owners?

    Yes but only in Mock, Advanced, and Clubhouse draft tiers. Commish can assign team owners under Commish Toolbox > Team Assignments.

    Each co-owner should create their own Drafty account to join the draft room. Sharing login credentials in order to let more than one person use the same account on multiple devices may cause your draft to glitch irreparably. Refunds are not issued for this type of mishap.

    Can I change the minimum bid for a player?

    Commish can adjust the universal minimum bid (default is $1) and bid increment in Draft Settings. Team managers can adjust their opening bid for an individual player that is in the Undrafted list or Nomination Queue by tapping the player (or mousing over them) and adjusting the bid value.

    If the player comes up for auction and the team who nominated them does not have sufficient budget for the nomination price, the opening bid will be up for grabs at the minimum bid value.

    Does Drafty enforce full rosters?

    By default, Drafty does enforce full rosters by capping the max bid for each team to ensure they have enough money in reserve. This max bid is calculated from each team's remaining roster availability and the universal minimum bid.

    Max Bid = Budget Remaining - (Open Roster Spots - 1) x Minimum Bid

    For example, if a team has 5 open roster spots, $50 in their budget, and a $1 minimum bid, their max bid would be $46. If they max bid $46 on the next player, they will have $4 remaining to fill their remaining 4 roster spots.

    Commish can adjust the Max Bid Rule under Draft Settings to allow teams to spend their budget differently.

    Can I pause the draft?

    The draft host can pause any time and resume any time within 30 days. Try a mock draft and see for yourself.

    Can I export draft results?

    Yes! Draft results are saved on Drafty and are CSV exportable. Mock draft results cannot be saved.

    Can I change the bid increment?

    Yes! You can now define a bid increment anywhere between $0.01 to $10MM.

    Can I do turn-based player nominations like in a traditional auction draft?

    Yep! Commish can choose from 1 of 5 player nomination formats during draft setup.

    The default player nomination format is Freeze Tag - a Drafty-exclusive format that eliminates up to 1.5 hours of downtime from your fantasy draft.

    How do I place a manual bid?

    Use the Flash Bid button during your draft. Commish can enable/disable the Flash Bid button under Draft Settings.

    Can I turn off the timer?

    No, but the draft host can pause the draft at any time (except in slow drafts) if the league needs a chance to catch their breath.

    There's also the Drafty-exclusive More Time Plz button, which adds a few seconds to the auction timer and is usable by each team once per player auction. Commish can disable this button under Draft Settings.

    Without pausing, any bid placed under 10 seconds will reset the timer to 10 seconds (this is also editable).

    How much does a custom draft room cost?

    Your total cost depends on the size of your draft (number of teams * number of rounds/roster size) and how much control you need (basic redraft < advanced controls < clubhouse/keepers). You'll see the cost in real-time as you configure your draft room - there are no hidden fees.

    Is the cost per draft or per participant?

    Drafty only charges per draft room, not per participant. So the draft host (usually the commissioner) will be charged when they create the room and all participants can join for free.

    Can you support my draft that's half snake and half auction?

    Yes! Drafty supports dual formats so you can configure a 2nd phase for your draft. Commish will find options for the Dual Format Draft upgrade under Draft Settings.

    How can I set position limits for my draft?

    During draft setup, commish can define the roster composition for starting lineups and set a maximum limit for any single position. Try it out in your next mock draft to see how it works.

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