Dual Format Overview

Addon Summary

Any draft room can be upgraded to a Dual Format by the league commissioner. Once upgraded, the commissioner can set the following options to add a Phase 2 to the draft:

  1. Draft Format
  2. Draft Speed - if phase 2 will be a turn-based format
  3. Nomination Format - if phase 2 will be an auction format
  4. Rounds / Roster Size - if phase 2 will be a classic straight or snake draft, this will be the number of rounds, otherwise it will add roster spots to each team's existing roster
  5. Team Budget - if phase 2 will be an auction, this amount will be added to each team's existing budget

Begin Phase 2 using the Commish Toolbox in-draft. When Phase 2 is activated, the draft will pause and the draft room will reload for all participants. Before resuming your draft, please double-check all of the available options in the Settings panel to ensure accuracy. Pay special attention to the current turn indicator, draft order, time limit, roster vacancies and team budgets. When switching to a new draft format, these settings are often the most likely to need adjustment.

Dual Format is a $50 paid upgrade for an existing draft room. The commissioner can purchase this upgrade from the Settings panel in-draft.

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