Mayhem Draft Overview

Addon Summary

Enable an arsenal of tools for participants to use during the draft to annoy, distract, and sabotage other participants. Yes, it is like Mario Kart battle mode and yes, it is as fun as it sounds!

The Mayhem Draft addon is coming soon and will be available for any draft room including Auction Drafts, Snake Drafts, and Straight Drafts.

Imagine draft participants armed with a small arsenal of items that they can use to annoy and assist each other during the draft.

Mayhem Draft will be a $50 paid upgrade for an existing draft room. The commissioner can purchase this upgrade from the Settings panel in-draft.

The Mayhem Arsenal

Commish will decide which devices to equip and how many. All teams will receive the same weaponry and commish can adjust the arsenal at any time during your draft, in case things are getting a little too crazy or if it's time to crank up the chaos!

A more detailed description of each device will be available here closer to this addon's public release.

Here are some examples of tools in development:

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