Draft Room FAQs


These FAQs provide answers to questions not covered in the Draft Manual. Start there if you haven't read the manual already.

Many questions about draft mechanics can be answered by trying a mock draft. Have you done that? No? Well then, you must prefer reading over drafting so here's a list of the most commonly asked questions.


    How do I assign keepers to a team roster?

    When configuring an Advanced Draft, the draft host should remove any keepers by de-selecting them in the player settings. All selected players (those highlighted in yellow) will be draft-eligible. Alternatively, you can use a Custom Draft to submit your own player list with keepers already removed, to save the trouble of de-selecting them one-by-one. Request a custom quote.

    With an Offseason Clubhouse, keepers can be automatically assigned to rosters as teams join the draft. To take advantage of this, sign up for a clubhouse and configure your league's teams and keepers. Then use the blue button on your clubhouse welcome page to setup your draft room. This is the only way to have keepers included in your draft results.

    Can I configure a team with co-owners?

    No, Drafty authenticates each team for a single user. The extra owner can join the draft as a spectator, but they will not be able to interact with the bidding or chatroom.

    We do not endorse sharing login credentials for multiple owners to use the same account simultaneously. Aside from the security risk of sharing passwords, this behavior may have unpredictable side effects and cause irreparable damage to your draft progress.

    Can I change the minimum bid for a player?

    You can set adjust your draft's minimum bid (default is $1) with a custom draft room but not on a per-player basis. Dynamic Opening Bids are not yet supported.

    Does Drafty enforce full rosters?

    Yes, Drafty does enforce full rosters by capping the max bid for each team. This max bid calculation is capped based on each team's open roster spots and the minimum bid. You can request to disable max bid capping in a custom draft room.

    For example, if the minimum bid is $5 and a team has 5 open roster spots with $37 budget remaining, their max bid is calculated to be $17 because they'll need at least $20 (after spending the $17) to buy the remaining 4 players to fill their roster.

    Max Bid = Budget Remaining - (Open Roster Spots - 1) x Minimum Bid

    A more common example, if a team has 5 open roster spots, $50 in their budget, and a $1 minimum bid, their max bid would be $46. If they max bid $46 on the next player, they will have $4 remaining to fill their remaining 4 roster spots.

    Can I change the bid increment?

    Drafty operates with a strict $1 bid increment, so you can easily convert any crazy league budget and bidding style to the Drafty system.

    Just take a page out of the poker manual where a $15 buy-in yields you 1500 in chips. After your draft you can exercise those math muscles and convert the player prices according to your league's settings.

    • e.g. $15 budget w/ $0.05 bids = $300 budget w/ $1 bids
    • e.g. $50MM budget w/ $100K bids = $500 budget w/ $1 bids

    Can I do turn-based nominations like in a traditional auction draft?

    Drafty's default nomination format is a free-for-all with cooldowns. This eliminates downtime between auctions and makes a draft 25% faster on average. It's quite fun and strategically competitive, but you can request a traditional turn-based nomination format in a custom draft room. Other alternative nomination formats include winner-only, where the ability to nominate is given to the winner of each player auction, and czar where only the commish can nominate at any time and opening bids are always up for grabs.

    How do I place a manual bid?

    Drafty's standard draft room does not have a built-in manual bid. Instead, Drafty has an exclusive Auto Bid , where each team can enter a max bid and let the Drafty A.I. automatically place a new +1 bid every few seconds. Auto Bid eliminates overspending (like when you bid $40 but no one else would've bid past $26) and the risk of placing an accidental bid immediately after the price jumps. You're welcome.

    A manual bid button called Force Bid is available in custom draft rooms.

    Can I pause the draft?

    The draft host sure can. Try a mock draft and see for yourself.

    Can I turn off the timer?

    No, but the draft host can pause the draft at any time if the league needs a chance to catch their breath.

    There's also the Drafty-exclusive More Time Plz button, which adds 10 seconds to the auction timer and is usable by each team once per player auction.

    Without pausing, any bid placed under 10 seconds will reset the timer to 10 seconds.

    Can I export/import draft results?

    The ability to export draft results to a CSV is coming in 2021, but what most folks really want is the ability to import their draft results directly into their league. Unfortunately, any such import feature must be built by the league provider (e.g. ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, Sleeper, MFL, Fleaflicker, etc.) so you'll need to ask them about offering such a tool!

    How much does a custom draft room cost?

    A custom draft room is built to suit your needs, and priced accordingly. They start at $22.99 which is the cost of an advanced draft + one custom modification. Typically, each additional modification adds $10 to the cost. A request for a totally new feature will be priced based on an estimate of development hours. It never hurts to ask about a custom draft experience.

    Is the cost per draft or per participant?

    Drafty charges per draft room, not per participant. So the draft host (usually the commissioner) will be charged when they setup the room, but then all participants can join for free.

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