Draft Room Manual Last Updated August 29, 2021

First Timer?

Drafty works a bit differently from the stale auction drafts on mainstream fantasy sports sites. You may want to take the virtual tour or read the FAQs to familiarize yourself.

Quick Glossary

  • Draft - Your entire auction draft from start-to-finish.
  • Auction - The bidding cycle for each player. Many auctions happen in one draft.
  • Queue - The list of nominated players who are coming up for auction next/soon.
  • Watch List - A list of players being given close attention (private to each team).

Table of Contents

Nomination Mechanisms

Freeze Tag Nomination Format

For auction drafts

Freeze Tag is the default nomination format. Each team can add a single player to the public nomination queue by selecting them from the Undrafted Players list. After nominating, that team's nomination privilege is frozen until their nominee comes up for auction. Then they are put on a cooldown before they will be able to nominate another player.

This fun-filled nomination format eliminates downtime between auctions and keeps the draft moving, never stopping to wait on one team to nominate the next player. After the initial frenzy to be first in line it feels a lot like a turn-based system since the cooldowns will stagger. But it is exciting when a team isn't paying attention to their cooldown and another team steals their spot in the queue.

Other nomination formats are available in the Premium Addons during draft setup.

My Watchlist

Teams can pin players to the top of their Undrafted pool by clicking the blue watch icon. Each team's watchlist is private. If a team disconnects from the draft room, any players they're watching will be returned to their original spot in the Undrafted Players list.

Empty Queue

For auction drafts

If the nomination queue becomes empty, the draft will automatically pause until a new player is queued up.

Undo The Queue

For auction drafts

Once nominated, a player cannot be removed from the queue. If they come up for auction and receive no bids, they will be returned to Undrafted Players. A special "Queue Undo" commish power is available in the Premium Addons during draft setup.

Bidding Mechanisms

For auction drafts

Opening Bids

The opening bid for each player auction is defined at the moment a player is nominated, and the nominator automatically claims the opening bid. If that team's roster or budget is empty when the player comes up for auction, the opening bid will reset to the minimum bid for the draft, and any team can claim it.

Minimum Bids

When a minimum bid exists, nominating a player (except in Czar Mode) will automatically place the opening bid for the minimum amount. The minimum opening bid can be adjusted in the Premium Addons during draft setup.

$1 Bid Increment

Drafty's strict $1 bid increment ensures that every team has a fair shot at winning any auction without overspending on a custom manual bid.

Max Bid Rule

By default, Drafty enforces full rosters which means each team's max bid is capped based on their open roster spots and the draft's minimum bid. This Max Bid Rule can be turned OFF in the Premium Addons during draft setup.

Max Bid Tiebreakers

In the event that multiple teams with identical max bids want to spend their entire budget on a player, the team who succeeds at placing the final +1 bid will win the auction. This allows for more strategy than a traditional auction tiebreaker whereby the fastest on the trigger to force the max bid will win.

Last-Second Bids

Don't wait until the last second to place your bid. Any lag whatsoever may cause your bid to be delayed, and even a fraction of a second might mean you miss out. Any bid under 10 seconds will reset the timer to 10 seconds (adjustable during draft setup).

Auto Bid w/ Target Bid

In the original auction draft format, set a Target Bid and toggle on Auto Bid to let the Drafty AI automatically outbid any other bidders.

Silent Auction Bid Locking

In a silent auction format (called a "blind bid auction" by some folks), set a Target Bid and lock it in. When the timer hits zero, the high bidder will win the auction.

Silent Auction Stewardship Rule

In a silent auction format, the high bidder will only pay $1 more than the second highest bidder. This option can be disabled in the Premium Addons during draft setup.

Force Bid

Enter a Target Bid and use the Force Bid button to manually place that bid. This special button can be enabled in the Premium Addons during draft setup.

Overbid Shield

The Overbid Shield will appear if the current bid jumps $10 or more. It protects teams from accidentally placing a new bid in the event of a sudden price increase. This feature exists for free in draft rooms that have enabled Force Bid.

Steal Bid

Usable only by the team that nominated the current player being auctioned, the Steal Bid button overtakes the current high bidder without incrementing the current bid. This special button can be enabled in the Premium Addons during draft setup.

Timer Mechanisms

More Time Plz

The More Time Plz button adds 10 seconds to the auction timer, usable by each team once per player auction. More Time Plz can be adjusted or disabled in the Premium Addons during draft setup.


The Fast-Forward button is a commish power that will remove 10 seconds from the auction timer, useful to expire an auction early or offset your leaguemates getting cute with More Time Plz. Fast-Forward can be enabled in the Premium Addons during draft setup.

Under 10 Seconds

Any new bid placed with under 10 seconds on the timer will reset the timer to 10 seconds. This reset timer can be adjusted in the Premium Addons during draft setup.

Silent Auction Acceleration

In a silent auction format, when all teams have locked in a bid, the timer will fast-forward itself to 3 seconds.

Slow Draft Timer

In a slow draft, the timer cannot be paused once the draft starts but the commish can reset the timer as needed.

Commish Toolbox

When the draft is paused, the commish has these special abilities in-draft:

Mock Drafts

  • Mock drafts operate with Advanced features enabled.

All Drafts

  • Undo Last Auction - (auction draft formats) Reverse the last auction, sending the drafted player back to the Undrafted Players pool and reimbursing the high bidder for the cost and +1 roster spot.
  • Draft Rewind - (snake/round robin draft formats) Reverse the last auction, sending the drafted player back to the Undrafted Players pool and reimbursing the high bidder for the cost and +1 roster spot.
  • Reset Time Limit - Reset the timer to its full duration (slow drafts only).
  • End Draft - Save draft results and terminate the draft room.

Basic Drafts

  • Team Settings - Adjust team names.
  • Team Assignments - Add and remove team owners.
  • Upgrade Room - Upgrade your basic draft room to an advanced draft room.

Advanced/Clubhouse Drafts

  • Team Settings - Adjust team names, roster sizes, and budgets.
  • Reassign Draft Pick - (snake/round robin drafts only) Facilitate trades by reassigning draft pick to another team, or vacate any pick altogether. If a player has already been drafted at that pick, the player will move between rosters automatically.
  • Move Player - Drag and drop any drafted player from one team to another. Team budgets and roster spots will adjust automatically and the commish will no longer be able to use the Undo Last Auction superpower.

Premium Options

  • Edit Draft Settings - Edit various settings in-draft, such as minimum bid, current turn, current turn direction, etc.
  • Edit Draft Timers - Edit various timers in-draft, such as master time limit, buffer between auctions, reset on bid, etc.

Miscellaneous Notes

Saving Draft Results

Draft results will not be saved until the draft ends. The draft will end automatically when all teams have zero roster capacity, or the commish can end it early using their commish toolbox.

Idle Drafts

Drafts can be paused indefinitely and resumed at any time, but draft rooms left idle for more than 30 days will be terminated automatically. To reset the idle timer, simply start the draft and pause it again. Easy.

Draft Host Server

The draft host's browser acts as the server for your draft room. If they disconnect, the draft will automatically pause until they come back.

Multiple Browser Tabs

Do NOT log into your draft room from multiple locations (browsers nor tabs). Especially for the draft host, this can confuse the system and potentially wreck your draft.

Player Search

Press CTRL+F (Cmd+F on a Mac) and type a player's name to find them, whether they've already been drafted or not.

Pass the Offseason Blues

Quick Pick

Your quick decisions influence Drafty's player rankings in real-time with this fast-paced, rapid-fire pick'em game.

Player Rankings

Drafty player rankings reflect the authentic preferences of real fantasy drafters, because they're powered by our public Quick Pick mini-game.

Mock Drafts

Drafty auction drafts are one-of-a-kind with Auto Bid, custom options, celebratory confetti, and 60% less downtime.

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