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Draft Room Manual

2023 February 1

Drafty draft room mechanics are bit different from the fantasy league provider draft rooms. Find out how.

Mininum and Maximum Bid Mechanics

2023 January 31

Let's discuss what it means to have a minimum bid, a max bid, and what mechanics are at play.

Draft Room FAQs

2022 August 30

Get answers to all your questions about the Drafty auction draft room experience.

Draft Room Troubleshooting

2022 August 29

A summary of error messages and issues you may encounter in the draft room.

Draft Room Nomination Formats

2022 August 24

Get an explanation of each nomination format and how each affects the flow of a fantasy auction draft.

You Deserve Better Defensive Scoring (2022 Updated)

2022 August 17

The best D/ST scoring settings you can implement in your fantasy football league


2022 March 13

Live online auction drafts keep getting more bells and whistles

Uploading Your Own Custom Player List

2022 March 13

Rules and guidelines for submitting a custom player list for your upcoming Drafty draft.

A Beginner's Guide To Auction Drafts

2021 July 12

A guide for fantasy football and fantasy baseball veterans who have never tried an auction draft, but want to learn how it works.

Not A Fantasy League Provider

2021 February 11

Drafty provides best-in-class draft rooms for your upcoming fantasy season but does not host any leagues. Play anywhere, but draft here.

Draft Formats

2020 December 12

Get an explanation of each draft format

Player Nominations Can Add 1.5 Hours To Auction Draft Length

2020 May 24

In a traditional auction draft format where team owners nominate a new player in between every auction, draft participants unknowingly add up to 2 hours to their draft duration.

Weekly Fantasy Baseball Point Leagues Can Be Better

2019 April 18

Some folks really enjoy the daily routine of updating their roster, but fantasy football offers a lot of improvements to how fantasy baseball is played to simplify without sacrificing the fun.

Pass the Offseason Blues

Quick Pick

Your quick decisions influence Drafty's player rankings in real-time with this fast-paced, rapid-fire pick'em game.

Player Rankings

Drafty player rankings reflect the authentic preferences of real fantasy drafters, because they're powered by our public Quick Pick mini-game.

Mock Drafts

Drafty auction drafts are one-of-a-kind with Auto Bid, custom options, celebratory confetti, and 60% less downtime.

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