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2019 August 22

Live online auction drafts keep getting more bells and whistles

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You Deserve Better D/ST Scoring (2019 Updated)

2019 July 18

The best D/ST scoring settings you can implement in your fantasy football league

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How To Make Weekly Fantasy Baseball Point Leagues Better

2019 April 18

Some folks really enjoy the daily routine of updating their roster, but fantasy football offers a lot of improvements to how fantasy baseball is played to simplify without sacrificing the fun.

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New! Custom Auction Drafts for Dynasty and Keeper Leagues

2018 May 20

I just wanted to share with the community that I've launched a new feature on Drafty Sports: Custom Advanced Draft configurations.

You can now host a fully customizable Auction Draft for your fantasy football dynasty or keeper league. I'm really excited for this new feature, which lets you (the commissioner) configure each team's budget, draft pick quantity, and choose exactly which players are available for auction. Quick filters make it easy to select Rookies Only, and if your league is like mine you can then add any Veteran FAs to the player pool just by clicking on them.

This will eventually become a paid only feature, but while in Beta it's totally free. Please give it a test spin and

Drafty is the fantasy sports website that specializes in auction drafts. I built it because I hate all other site's draft room experience for auctions, and so I built something better. Drafty auction drafts feature overbid protection, auto bidding, live chatroom, and celebratory confetti while you're the high bidder. Drafty's player rankings are based on community participation in the player pick'em, and are updated in real-time.

Enjoy the new advanced auction draft format, for free while in beta!

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Rapid Fire Pick'em

Fast-paced and addictive, our rapid fire pick'em makes you the rankings expert, and your decisions affect Drafty player rankings in real-time.

Player Rankings

Drafty player rankings are based on real-time community input, so the rankings reflect the authentic preferences of real fantasy drafters like you.

Mock Drafts

Drafty auction drafts feature a one-of-a-kind autobid feature with overbid protection, live chat, celebratory confetti, and zero downtime.